We use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and some of the purest water in the country.

Pinelands Brewing Company is a nano-brewery in Little Egg Harbor, NJ that makes hand-crafted ales of historic character right from the edge of the Pines. Blue collar craft beer that’s brewed with pride. No preservatives. No filters. Just carefully crafted ales using the four (4) basic ingredients of beer – malted grain, hops, yeast and water.

Pinelands beer is ‘As Pure As The Pines’ because we use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and water from the Kirkwood-Cohansey Aquifer, which contains an estimated 17.7 trillion gallons of the best all-natural drinking water in the world.

Our Brewery and equipment were designed and built by our founder and Brew Master Jason Chapman and his team. Our custom built, 3 barrel brewing system (Brewhemoth) and our homemade keg-washer ( Keg-a-Tron) are one of a kind. In fact, all of our equipment has a story. Come by the Brewery for a tour and check it out.

Not a beer drinker? Try our home made birch beer, root beer and vanilla cream soda. Bring your own ice cream for an instant classic!

Our Featured Beers

Mason's Wheat

Our American Witbier is a generously spiced with lemon peel and coriander for an authentic fresh wheat ale. Single hopped with whole leaf for the freshest flavor possible.

Evan John Porter

Robust Porter at heart and we infuse a delicate vanilla flavor using the finest whole vanilla bean pods. This creates a pleasant balance to the dark maltiness of the Porter.

Evergreen IPA

American India Pale (IPA) Ale loaded with whole leaf hops in the kettle and to heighten the hop enjoyment we dry hop during conditioning. The Pines are home to about 20 native tree species, many of them evergreens.

Pitch Pine Ale

Classic, clean and balanced American Pale Ale (APA) featuring a malty backbone and fresh leaf hop flavor. The pitch pine is also the most prominent tree in the Pines.

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